Atlas VPN Free review (2024)

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Atlas VPN free offers excellent connection speeds and a decent monthly data limit, and also surprises with impressive streaming unblocking power. However, its limited feature-set and wide range of small issues means it can’t quite challenge the very best – yet.


  • +

    Unblocks Disney Plus

  • +

    Decent speeds

  • +

    10GB monthly data limit, and 2GB per day on Mac


  • -

    Limited server locations

  • -

    Some privacy concerns

  • -

    A little clunky to work through

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Atlas VPN is a relatively new service, having been founded in 2019. However, it is part of the ever-growing security programs under the Nord Security umbrella, the same parent company responsible for NordVPN and, recently, Surfshark. However, this free VPN service works independently from other parts of the company.

Atlas VPN Free only has three server locations, with two of those located within the United States. The third is in the Netherlands. For paying customers this increases to over 750 servers in 37 countries.

Atlas VPN is compatible with PCs and Mac, both Android and iOS smartphones, and also Android TV and Amazon Five TV. While premium users can unblock all the popular TV streaming apps, we were able to unlock Disney Plus with Atlas VPN Free. Some users have even reported success being able to access Netflix – and although we wouldn’t rely on it, this is a very nice bonus to have.

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Atlas VPN Free review: specs

Number of servers: 3
Number of countries: 2
Platforms supported:
Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Simultaneous connections:
Split tunneling:
Kill switch:
Supported protocols:
WireGuard, IKEv2/IPSec
Country of registration:
email, knowledgebase

Atlas VPN Free review: Privacy and logging

Atlas VPN uses the highest encryption available to ensure anything you send through its servers is well scrambled and hard to trace back to you. It has DNS protections, which are especially helpful when using public internet connections because it keeps snoops from hacking into your connection and swiping personal information. Atlas VPN also has a kill switch that quickly disables your internet connection if the VPN ever drops or is compromised in any way.

We tested Atlas’s security, and for the most part, it did well. The kill switch blocked our activity when the VPN failed, and we didn’t detect signs of DNS leaks. However, the kill switch does have some hiccups. You need to disable it every time you stop using Atlas VPN, otherwise, internet access remains blocked even with the VPN inactive.

Atlas VPN has a no logging policy, but there are a few concerning aspects of this company. For instance, we tested its ability to detect third-party trackers (which isn’t a feature available with the free version), and it blocked three trackers on its own website, including Google Analytics and Facebook. Also, the cookies used on its website aren’t easy to bypass. The notice itself only has an option to “Accept.”

It’s also important to note that Atlas VPN is based in Delaware, USA. This means while it may have a strict no-logging policy, it may be subject to some information gathering based on local laws, though the information doesn’t need to be kept for longer than 30 days.

Atlas VPN has put itself through an independent audit to help it find weaknesses and other issues. However, this audit has only been done on iOS devices, so there really isn’t any transparent or third-party information to verify its security on other devices.

(Image credit: Atlas VPN)

Atlas VPN Free review: Windows and Mac apps

Atlas VPN's free tier gives you access to some important features, like a kill switch, P2P capabilities on every server, and the WireGuard protocol. However, you can’t set the app to automatically connect when you start up your computer. Also missing is split tunneling capability. This means you can’t decide to funnel specific data through the VPN while leaving others unaffected. This isn’t the biggest deal breaker, but it does mean your data limit may be reached faster.

On that note, there is a monthly data limit, but while it’s 10GB a month for Windows users, Mac users get an excellent 2GB a day. Save for Proton VPN’s unlimited free plan, that’s about as generous as any free provider gets. Another perk is that Atlas VPN lets you connect two devices at the same time.

It takes a little work to find a free server. This is because locations are listed in alphabetical order and not with available servers listed first, and you can’t add servers to a Favorites list to speed this process up. Plus, the dashboard isn’t the most intuitive, so it may take a while to figure out where all the features and functions are located.

(Image credit: Atlas VPN)

Atlas VPN Free review: Android and iOS apps

The Android app is very, very basic and looks like a clunky version of the desktop program. But being stripped back means it’s easier to find the functions you’re looking for. One advantage the Android app has over the other Atlas VPN version is split tunneling.

The iOS app is much more appealing because it has been nicely designed with a mobile device in mind. The Connect button is front and center with locations and other important functions clearly marked and easy to find.

With both mobile apps, we found that you still get great connection speeds and protection. The kill switch works as it should and there aren’t any indications of DNS leaks.

Atlas VPN Free review: Performance

For a free service, Atlas is a pretty fast VPN. We were able to connect at an impressive 320Mbps. On average, internet download speeds of 200Mbps are considered fast for most applications, so Atlas VPN is good enough to watch some high-definition videos without experiencing lag or buffering.

We tested Atlas VPN’s claim of P2P support and were able to verify that it does allow this and does it well. We were able to download torrents through each of Atlas VPN Free’s three server locations.

If you need a little help getting up and running, Atlas VPN has a couple of options. First, there is a help section on its website with the most common problems listed under topics to make them easier to find. You also have an email option. When we tried it out, we got a pretty quick response - under 2 hours. The information we got was very detailed and easy to understand and follow. Atlas VPN does have a live chat option, but it’s for paying customers only.

(Image credit: Atlas VPN)

Atlas VPN Free review: Final verdict

Overall, Atlas VPN Free does a decent job of protecting your privacy, though there are a few problems with the apps, the kill switch in particular. Also, because of its use of third-party trackers on its own website, we’re not fully convinced of its anti-logging policy.

However, you do get great connection speeds, P2P support, split tunneling for Android devices, and a very generous data cap on Mac. Overall, it’s a decent service that’s evidently improving, and could be a great choice for a casual user who’s not looking for advanced features.

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    Atlas VPN Free review (2024)


    Atlas VPN Free review? ›

    Atlas VPN is a decent option if you're a torrenting enthusiast. It offers good speeds and reliable security even without dedicated P2P servers. Most importantly, Atlas VPN supports P2P traffic even on the free plan, making it an excellent option if you want to secure your activities for free.

    Is there a 100% free VPN Atlas VPN? ›

    Atlas VPN has two pricing tiers: Free and Premium. Free is exactly what the name implies with limited features. Notably, free users only get access to four server locations: The Netherlands, Singapore, Los Angeles and New York, and their data usage is limited to 5GB of data per account.

    Is Atlas free legit? ›

    Conclusion. Atlas Free meets the 20 Standards for Charity Accountability.

    What is the daily limit for Atlas VPN free? ›

    The free Atlas VPN allowed for 5 GB of monthly daily traffic and access to 3 server locations. On the other hand, the premium plan never had a data cap.

    What happened to Atlas VPN? ›

    Free VPN contender Atlas VPN's journey to secure people's online activity has finally come to an end. The popular VPN service will shut down on April 24, 2024. A difficult decision, said the provider, that stems from increased competition and rising costs.

    Is there any 100% free VPN? ›

    ProtonVPN stands out because it's the only 100% free VPN with no data limits. This means you're free to use ProtonVPN as long as you want.

    Is the free version of Atlas VPN safe? ›

    Yes, Atlas VPN is a relatively secure VPN service, but there are superior alternatives if you want maximum cybersecurity. It has essential security features you'd expect from a VPN, like a no-logs policy, AES encryption, and a reliable kill switch.

    Is Atlas Systems legit? ›

    Recommendations to others considering Atlas Systems: Atlas is one of one top technology vendors. They are reliable and very trustworthy.

    Is Atlas a real company? ›

    The Atlas Corporation is an American investment firm that was formed in 1928.

    Is Atlas Earth safe? ›

    Is Atlas Earth a Scam? Atlas Earth isn't worth it if you're looking to make quick and easy money. Also, the advertisem*nts the app pushes promising to make you money should be taken with a pinch of salt. If you're looking for a fun game to dip your toe into the metaverse, Atlas Earth could be for you.

    Is Atlas VPN legal? ›

    While it is legal, most countries have laws against VPN usage with the intent to perform cybercrimes or other malicious actions. Please refer to the policies of your government to check whether there are any additional regulations regarding VPN tools.

    Which is better, Atlas or NordVPN? ›

    Overall, NordVPN is a much better choice for streaming than Atlas VPN. Not only does it unblock more streaming services, but it also offers the SmartDNS feature which allows you to bypass geo-restrictions even on devices that don't support VPNs.

    Does Atlas VPN collect data? ›

    Summary: We provide no-logs VPN, meaning we do not monitor, collect or log information about applications, services, or websites you visit while using Atlas VPN. We do not log your browsing activity, browsing history, records of IPs assigned, original IP, sites visited, outgoing traffic, content, or data accessed.

    Does Atlas VPN hide my IP? ›

    Also, a VPN masks your IP address, which can protect you from censorship and other internet restrictions.

    Does Netflix block Atlas VPN? ›

    Both versions of Atlas VPN can stream US Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+. But only the paid-for version bypasses streaming geo-blocks from other countries, like BBC iPlayer and Star on Disney+. All videos streamed in HD and 4K. However, Atlas VPN doesn't have a Smart DNS tool, so it won't work on many streaming devices.

    Which is better Atlas VPN or Proton VPN? ›

    For those concerned about government data requests, Proton VPN has an added layer of security as it operates under Switzerland's strict privacy laws. On the other hand, Atlas VPN has a diverse set of specialized servers and allows for an unlimited number of device connections at an affordable price.

    What is the 100 free VPN extension? ›

    PaladinVPN is a 100% free unlimited VPN service! It has no time, bandwidth, speed, and location switching limit at all.

    Is there a 100% free VPN Proton VPN? ›

    We believe privacy should be accessible to all, which is why we have a 100% free VPN with no catches. Our free VPN has allowed people around the world to bypass censorship and regain online freedom.

    Which is the most free VPN? ›

    Forbes Advisor Ratings
    CompanyPricingData Limit
    WindscribeForever free10 GB per month
    VPN UnlimitedSeven-day free trialNo limit
    CyberGhostOne to seven-day free trialNo limit
    Hotspot ShieldSeven-day trial; forever free plan500 MB per day
    4 more rows
    Apr 6, 2024

    Is there a free VPN Unlimited? ›

    The Proton VPN free plan is unlimited and designed for security. No catches, no gimmicks. Just online privacy and freedom for those who need it.


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